Ol’ Gran has done it again! Fresh out of the Jamaican kitchen is our new Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly. Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, sweet bell peppers and pure cane sugar make for the perfect sweet and spicy zest.

Spread this jelly on top of cream cheese and serve it with crackers for a unique and delicious appetizer, or craft the perfect entrée when you spread the jelly on top of your favorite meat – chicken, fish, pork or beef.

No matter how you serve up our new Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, rest assured it will quickly become the crowd favorite.

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We’re so excited for the holidays to start rolling in! We hope you are just as excited to celebrate with us as we have a lot of events and festivals Wicked Jack’s Tavern will be attending in the next few months!

Anyone caught doing something ridiculous nowadays—like pouring buckets of ice over their heads—is probably trying to raise awareness for a specific cause.


To help our avid social media followers get ahead of the trends in 2016, Wicked Jack’s Tavern is celebrating Awareness of Awareness Months Month!


January — Be Kind to Food Servers Month

There’s no need to be impatient. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.


April — Workplace Conflict Awareness Month

If you find a rum cake in the break room fridge, marked “Reserved for Dave,” don’t eat it! Dave’s a nice guy, and there’s no need to upset him.


June — National Accordion Awareness Month

A handheld, mini-piano that makes music with air…What is there not to love about that?


August — Happiness Happens Month

Happiness happens…now with rum cake!



Ahoy! ‘Tis almost a band ‘o pirates’ favorite day!

Tomorrow is the perfect excuse to talk like a pirate, as much as you want! In case your pirate vocabulary is limited to “ahoy” and “arrr,” let Wicked Jack’s Tavern introduce you to some common pirate-speak, with translations.

Talk like a pirate day

Avast! — Hey! (Can also be used as “Who goes there!”)

Belay — “Stop that.” Telling someone to “Belay that talk!” would mean “Shut up!”

Davy Jones’ Locker — The bottom of the sea.

Gangway! — “Get out of my way!”

Jolly Roger —The traditional skull and crossbones pirate flag.

Maroon — To strand someone, often on a deserted island with few supplies.

And finally, Rum — Do we really need to translate this one? A pirate’s favorite drink, and one that tastes fantastic in cake form.


Visit this pirate dictionary by Tidemark for more, Me Hearties!