Wicked Jack’s Rum Cakes are perfect for home parties. But while you are isolating at home, make rum cake balls using the left-over and freeze for your future party!
All you have to do is:
1) crumble the left-over cake,
2) add raspberry jam and rum (option),
3) roll the dough into balls,
4) roll in toppings (coconut flakes, finely chopped nuts, or any thing you like),
5) put them in freezer bag and….
6) freeze!
So don’t wait, order your favorite rum cake at aromaridge.com now!
Stay home and be safe!

Many years ago in Jamaica, sugar was known as the King and rum as the Prince, but now rum is also called the King.
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is known as the “King of coffee.”
So, this Wicked Jack’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake is 3 Kings in 1 cake.

Ol’ Gran has done it again! Fresh out of the Jamaican kitchen is our new Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly. Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, sweet bell peppers and pure cane sugar make for the perfect sweet and spicy zest.

Spread this jelly on top of cream cheese and serve it with crackers for a unique and delicious appetizer, or craft the perfect entrée when you spread the jelly on top of your favorite meat – chicken, fish, pork or beef.

No matter how you serve up our new Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, rest assured it will quickly become the crowd favorite.

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