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Going Gluten Free in 2016?

This January New Year’s Resolutions are fresh in our minds. And it seems the most popular resolutions are health related—whether it’s going to the gym more often or simply eating better.

At Wicked Jack’s Tavern, we know sticking to a healthy regime is really difficult when there are so many mouth-watering temptations. To avoid starting 2016 leaving your resolutions in the dust, we are here to help you to achieve that healthy goal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.39.51 PMWho ever said eating smart and eating happy couldn’t be the same thing? If your New Year’s Resolution is to go gluten free, then enjoy our award-winning Gluten-Free Butter Rum Cake! This rum cake features all the delicious and fulfilling tastes you’ve come to love in a True Jamaican Rum Cake—with none of the gluten.

Our Gluten-Free Butter Rum Cake and many other Wicked Jack’s products are available in both the Aroma Ridge web store.

In Case You Didn’t Know: It’s Awareness of Awareness Months Month!

Anyone caught doing something ridiculous nowadays—like pouring buckets of ice over their heads—is probably trying to raise awareness for a specific cause.


To help our avid social media followers get ahead of the trends in 2016, Wicked Jack’s Tavern is celebrating Awareness of Awareness Months Month!


January — Be Kind to Food Servers Month

There’s no need to be impatient. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.


April — Workplace Conflict Awareness Month

If you find a rum cake in the break room fridge, marked “Reserved for Dave,” don’t eat it! Dave’s a nice guy, and there’s no need to upset him.


June — National Accordion Awareness Month

A handheld, mini-piano that makes music with air…What is there not to love about that?


August — Happiness Happens Month

Happiness happens…now with rum cake!



‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Christmas morning may be all about the kids…rushing down the stairs to the tree surrounded by packages tied up with bows. But tomorrow night, on Christmas Eve, it is all about those elves finally taking a well-deserved break.


Ditch those cookies and milk, because December 24 is National Eggnog Day. And nothing goes better with eggnog than an extra helping of Wicked Jack’s Tavern Rum Raisin Cake!

So, before you bundle up in your pajamas by the fireplace, order our Captain Stash package, which includes some Ol’ Gran Butter Rum coffee for that early Christmas morning.

No Gluten? No Problem!

One particular diet at the forefront of society today is the gluten-free diet. Whether you’re actually gluten intolerant, or you’re trying to follow healthier eating habits, you’ll find the gluten-free diet is one with many advantages.


Because of the growing trend, it should not surprise any of our followers that the week before Christmas is Gluten-Free Baking Week (Dec. 14 – 20 for this year).

Gluten-free can be fresh, flavorful and even, dare we say, decadent. Not convinced? Take a chance this week, and try a gluten-free dessert, like Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake.

Happy Hanukkah! Now with rum cake!

Today marks the start of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah (or Chanukah, if you prefer). For the next eight days, Jewish families will be lighting candles atop menorahs, playing games, sharing tasty food and exchanging gifts.


Are you celebrating the Festival of Lights, but stumped for ideas on what to get a family member? We have a unique gift suggestion for each night of Hanukkah!


Night 1 (Dec. 6)           Butter Rum

Night 2 (Dec. 7)           Caramel

Night 3 (Dec. 8)           Gluten Free

Night 4 (Dec. 9)           Red Velvet

Night 5 (Dec. 10)         Wicked Jack’s Tavern Coffee

Night 6 (Dec. 11)         Rum Raisin

Night 7 (Dec. 12)         Chocolate

Night 8 (Dec. 13)         Taste of Wicked Jacks basket


Or knock out six nights with one delivery, with the Wicked Jack’s Tavern Mini Tower.

Got Leftover Bunt Cake?

The best part about Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers! And dessert is no exception. Here’s a sweet recipe to turn your wicked after-dinner dessert into a wicked after-Thanksgiving breakfast.

bread pudding

Wicked Jack’s Butter Rum Bread Pudding


4 cups Wicked Jack’s Butter Rum Cake cubed

3 cups milk

3 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 teaspoons ground cinnamon

3/4 cup packed brown sugar

4 eggs, beaten



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a large saucepan, add milk, butter, vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. Simmer and stir until sugar dissolves.

In a large bowl, add the cubed bread and pour in the hot milk mixture. Let sit for 30 minutes so the bread absorbs the milk.

Add the beaten eggs to the mixture and stir. Pour bread pudding into a buttered 1 1/2-quart baking dish and bake for 50 minutes.

Doused in American Colonial History

Thanksgiving Day is a great time to reflect on the history of how America was settled by the pilgrims. Allow us to present you a few facts about our rum-loving American colonists.

Colonial America

Americans of the colonial period were not beer drinkers, like the English imperialists. Instead, they were rum guzzlers. Colonizers drank rum heavily in newly settled parts of America, where beer would not keep. They considered it both comforting and refreshing.

Rum originated as a by-product of sugar production on the island of Barbados, an uninhabited island in the West Indies that had been claimed by the English in 1625. Georgia was the last part of the East Coast to be colonized. The founder of the colony, James Oglethorpe, tried to prohibit the sale of rum in Georgia, fearful for the survival of his colony.

Luckily his efforts to push more ale did not succeed. How disgusting…. butter beer bunt cake?

Don’t Stumble in the Dark. Make Quick Single Cup.

As we move closer to winter, the mornings are getting much colder and much darker. If you’re looking to wake yourself up quickly, then try our Wicked Jack’s Tavern SingleCup coffee!

We have four delectable flavors:

Black Gold — Dark Roast Extra Bold

Pirates Blend — Medium Roast

Buccaneer’s Brew — Dark Roast

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend — Medium Roast


Each pack comes with twelve easy-to-use SingleCups. Wicked Jack’s Tavern SingleCups work with most any Keurig® K-Cup® coffee makers.

No Compass, No Problem

There are plenty of obscure national holidays scattered throughout the year, but our favorite would probably have to be today: National Marooned Without a Compass Day.

If we were marooned on an island with no compass, the only things we’d need are rum and food. But, why not make the best of a bad situation and have two in one, with Wicked Jack’s Tavern rum cake?


In honor of National Marooned Without a Compass Day, we decided to put together a little survival guide.

1. Find fresh water as soon as possible. You can go much longer without food than without water.

2. Build shelter by the beach, so you can quickly signal to passing ships.

3. Get something to eat. Start looking for easily recognizable fruits, or fashion together a fishing spear with a stick, shoelace and sharp rock.

4. Set up a fire at the most visible point on the beach. No matter how cozy that island of yours may seem, you’re going to want to leave sooner or later!

This is Halloween!

Happy haunting to all! Today is Halloween, and as such, it’s a time for some creepy creativity. This year, get wicked with a few of these spooky dessert-decorating ideas.


We hope one of our Wicked Jack’s Tavern Rum Raisin Cakes is taking center stage on your party’s dessert table. But don’t forget to break out the cobwebs, candlesticks, spiders, fog (dry ice), and blood-orange punch filled with gummy warms.