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So much Halloween candy…and so many cake decorating ideas!

Next Wednesday, Oct. 15 is National Cake Decorating Day. In honor of this all-important holiday, Wicked Jack’s Tavern wanted to give our loyal fans a few tips on how to make their sweet treats a little spooky for a Halloween party.

This time of year, candy seems to be pouring out of everywhere. There are bowls at the office and at home, and kiddie bags filled from trick-or-treating. Here are some great tips for how to put those mounds of candy to good use.

Start with one of Wicked Jack’s Taverns moist, vanilla, butter rum cake.

As a special treat, fill the center of the cake with Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s or Runts hard candies.

Cover the top with light brown chocolate icing. Then add a sprinkling of Oreo cookie crumbs and a few well-placed gummy worms.

Cover the entire cake with vanilla icing and decorate with candy corns, or crushed bits of Heath and Butterfinger candy bars.

Or stick black licorice twists around the outside of our chocolate rum mini cakes and place beady Red Hots cinnamon candy as eyes to make a scary spider.

cake spiders

Wicked Jack’s Tavern Hits the Road

Throughout October and November, Wicked Jack’s Tavern will be traveling around Georgia to sell our delicious products at markets, fairs and seasonal shows. We will finish our travels in Miami, Florida. Read the long list of wonderful events taking place around metro Atlanta and come visit us to scope up some  holiday treats and gifts for family and friends!


Christmas Mistletoe Market

North Point Mall, Alpharetta, Georgia

October 24-26, 2014


Country Living Fair

Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia

October 24-26, 2014


The Atlanta Fall Immediate Delivery Show

AmericasMart, Building 3, Atlanta, Georgia

October 28-30, 2014


Christmas Mistletoe Market

Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, Georgia

November 7-9, 2014


The Elegant Elf Marketplace

Lake Forest Elementary School, Sandy Springs, Georgia

November 15-16, 2014


32nd Annual Sprayberry High School PTSA Arts & Crafts Show

Marietta , Georgia

November 22- 23, 2014


The Miami Fine Wine & Spirits Festival

Peacock Park, Coconut Grove, Florida

November 22-23, 2014


The best pairings of coffee and dessert

September is “Better Breakfast Month” and Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day. To celebrate, Aroma Ridge and Wicked Jack’s Tavern are offering some delicious pairings of fresh-roasted, flavored coffees and Jamaican rum-soaked cakes to make each sip and bite the best combination.

The moist, buttery vanilla of our Butter Rum cake is a great base for a very flavorful coffee, like BananaNut Rum coffee (made with market-fresh sweet bananas in a cinnamon caramel sauce, drizzled with a butter rum glaze) or Orange Sunrise coffee (combining vanilla cream with sweet hints of Florida oranges).

The sweet flavor of homemade caramel in our Caramel Rum cake pairs perfectly with Chocolate Creme Brule coffee (a rich, chocolate cream with a caramelized sugar coating) or Chocolate Irish Cream coffee (the finest flavors of Irish Cream topped with chocolate).

For chocolate lovers, the rich Chocolate Rum cake, made with milk chocolate chips, is best paired with vanilla or, for a great combination, try Raspberry White Chocolate coffee (the sweet taste of ripened raspberries dipped in white chocolate).

Replacing the cream cheese frosting with a Jamaican rum glaze, our Red Velvet cake goes best with a nutty-flavor, like hazelnut, toffee, coconut or Mocha Almond Fudge coffee (with intense chocolate fudge and bits of freshly toasted almonds).

The season of giving, or should we say gifting, is almost here.

Is your company getting into the holiday spirit…because you should be? Now is the time to start planning your end-of-year client packages and employee appreciation. To finish 2014 with the right message, your company needs to order holiday goodies within the next month so they will be ready to ship right after Thanksgiving. Or, what if you organized packages to be delivered by Thanksgiving? Show what your company is grateful for with a thoughtful gift to clients and/or employees. This early arrival will stand out from December deliveries with cards overflowing mailboxes and gift baskets pilled on conference tables.


Luckily, Wicked Jacks and Aroma Ridge will package all those corporate holiday gifts and tie them up in a bow. And, we have some wickedly good ideas. Shop through our gifts and variety packs to pick an assortment or make a personalized box combined with Aroma Ridge coffee and tea selections, as well as biscotttis and Jamaican rum-soaked bunt cakes, with flavors from around the world.


Coffee and Things Gift Package

Available with whole bean or ground coffee – $29.95

Wicked Jack’s Tavern Receives Blue Ribbon for Gluten-Free Rum Cake

Wicked Jack’s Tavern has been awarded a blue ribbon for being the Best of Atlanta in the Lifestyle/Natural Gluten-Free category. This distinction, designed to celebrate gourmet food products, was awarded at the annual Atlanta Gourmet Market, a temporary, three-day showroom open in mid September.

The Atlanta Gourmet Market is hosted by AmericasMart Atlanta, one of the world’s largest permanent wholesale trade centers. Located in downtown Atlanta, the AmericasMart complex contains more than seven million square feet of space, where manufacturers, designers and sales representatives unveil new lines, launch new designs and introduce new categories.

Blue Ribbon

A perfect addition for any break-fast

Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, is one of the most important holidays of the Jewish year. For 10 days, followers of Judaism contemplate their sins, not only against God but also against other people. It is a time of renewal, where believers try to right their wrongs and reconcile—making it ultimately a happy occasion and a celebration of peace.

Yom Kippur includes a 25-hour fast, beginning before sunset on Friday evening and ending after nightfall the next day. There is no eating, drinking or work allowed during the Sabbath—including cooking. Which means, a typical breaking-the-fast feast offers already prepared and ready-to-eat dishes.

The experience places a big role on the food served and enjoyed. So, what is better than something simple, but delicious, delivered right to your door? This year, Yom Kippur falls on Sept. 13, so visit the Wicked Jack’s Tavern to select a bunt cake for your guests, to bring to a break-fast celebration or to give to a friend on this special high holiday. Butter Rum

Rum is good for the heart

For generations, grandma’s recipe to alleviate chest congestion, and probably headaches from grandchildren, was mixing up a hot toddy. Heating up rum, water and spices was a soothing way to stop a nasty cough and get some much-needed rest.

That simple remedy might actual do more to cure the body than originally thought. Rum is fermented from sugar can juice or molasses, and contains no carbohydrates and fat.

According to a Food to Fitness article, rum acts as a blood thinner and can reduce the chance of heart attacks. “Peripheral artery diseases can be combated by its consumption,” the article states, “(And rum) helps in restricting artery blockages.”

Happy National Senior Citizen Day!

On August 21,1988, Ronald Reagan declared this date to be National Senior Citizen Day. Out of love and respect, bring the senior citizen in your life some of their favorite Wicked Jack’s rum cake. Or if you don’t know any senior citizens, bring a rum cake to the elderly at your local nursing home.

Give your child’s teacher the perfect back-to-school gift

Let’s face it: going back to school stinks for everyone. Kids have homework to do once again and parents’ are filled with carpools of afterschool activities. But one group people usually don’t think about is the teachers. They’re extremely stressed throughout the school year, so why not get them a little gift to ease their “back to school blues?”

Wicked Jack’s Samplers make fantastic gifts. These sweet treats are just small enough that a teacher could finish one on his or her own, but they’re also big enough for the teacher to split it amongst his or her coworkers in the teacher’s longue. Be a teacher’s pet; purchase Wicked Jack’s Samplers in the Aroma Ridge web store or at


Raspberries and Cream

Looking for a great end of summer dessert to bring to a backyard cookout or an excuse to whip up something decadent? How about a Lemon-Raspberry Parfait! It is fast, easy and of course delicious!

Lemon-Raspberry Parfait

Only five ingredients are needed for this refreshing, summertime parfait!

1. Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake (crumbled)

2. Raspberries or raspberry jam

3. Lemon-flavored ice cream

4. Whipped cream

5. Lemon zest

Simply layer crumbled Butter Rum Cake, raspberry jam or raspberries and lemon-flavored ice cream. Top with whipped cream and lemon zest to make this dessert pop!

Lemon Blueberry dessert