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The history of rum sailing the high seas

The end of this month will mark 44 years since the British Royal Navy ended the daily rum rations given to sailors. Called “Black Tot Day,” the practice stopped on July 31, 1970. The traditional started when sailors received a half-a-pint of rum each day, which years later was diluted with water and split into two portions to lessen drunkenness on board the navy vessels.

Wicked Jack’s Tavern True Jamaican Rum Cakes, soaked in fine Jamaican rum, are a great reminder of the tradition of rum in the Caribbean. Virtually every island has a distinct rum style and more than 80 percent of the world’s rum comes from the Caribbean.

In fact, slaves on sugar plantations in the Caribbean discovered that sugarcane molasses could be fermented and then distilled to make a sweet, potent drink. From there rum became synonymous with piracy, with English privateers trading it as a valuable commodity.

Butter Rum Raisin

What’s in the center of your bunt cake?

Sometimes the biggest surprise is not what is inside our delicious Wicked Jack’s Tavern Rum Cakes. Our adventurous clients add editable treats or decorations to make our cakes the center of every party.

For baby showers or bridal showers, place real flowers in the opening of the bunt cake, which can hide a small paper cup of water.

Next time you order one of our bunt cakes, try placing fresh fruit or a bowl of jam, mousse or whipped cream in the center. For a quick decoration, drizzle extra icing over the top, or add a dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder.

Stay cool with these rum cake pairings

Wicked Jack’s Tavern Rum Cakes already have the perfect amount of moistness and sweetness from being soaked in the finest of Jamaican rum. But, there is always room to improve upon perfection … if there is room on your plate!

Wicked Jack's Tavern Caramel Rum Cake

Try these summertime combinations that pair our distinct cakes with traditional ice cream flavors.

– Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the perfect addition to our rich Chocolate Rum Cake made with milk chocolate chips.

– Old-fashioned butter pecan ice cream will compliment our delicious Caramel Rum Cake, which is already topped with a sweet and creamy caramel rum sauce.

– Cherries Jubilee ice cream will bring out the flavor of our Red Velvet Rum Cake coated with a delicious Jamaican rum glaze.

– Coffee flavored or vanilla bean ice cream will both pair nicely with our two vanilla rum cakes, Butter Rum Cake and Butter Rum Raisin Cake, which contains raisins soaked in spices and fine Jamaican rum with a hint of eggnog.


Celebrate Independence with Wicked Jack’s Tavern!

Here we are: merely two days away from the 4th of July. Independence Day is an important day for us as we honor the men and women who fight for our freedom, but it’s also a day of great celebration. The 4th of July is well known for its traditions of spectacular fireworks displays and the consumption of delectable food.

This Independence Day, follow-up your cookout with a rum cake to share from Wicked Jack’s Tavern. We have several different types of delicious rum cakes in three different sizes. Share a large True Jamaican Caramel Rum Cake with your friends and family, or get a small Chocolate Rum Cake for you and your significant other.

Order now to ensure a rich and memorable Independence Day dessert. Happy 4th of July!

Wicked Jack’s True Jamaican Caramel Rum Cake

In case you haven’t heard, Wicked Jack’s makes a delicious caramel-coated rum cake. These cakes are individually soaked in the finest Jamaican rum and topped with a sweet and creamy caramel rum sauce. See what our customers have to say about our caramel rum cakes:

“The cake is moist and sweet but not overly sweet. The sauce is full of rum. Nice product!”

“The cake was surprisingly moist, and the caramel rum sauce was very sweet but not too overpowering. We’ll definitely be buying this product again.”

“It was delicious. My husband and I enjoyed it so much; we are ordering more for Christmas!”


You can order our True Jamaican Caramel Rum Cake online at or!

Fantastic Father’s Day Coffee Special!

As most of you know, this Sunday is Father’s Day! If you’re looking for gift ideas then look no further. From now until June 15th you’ll get a free pound of regular or flavored coffee with any Aroma Ridge purchase of $35.00 or more.

This Father’s Day, get your dad an extra supply of the beverage that energizes him into being so awesome: coffee! Simply click here to get a FREE pound of coffee for Dad.

Red Velvet Wicked Jack’s Rum Cake is “super moist” and has “tons of flavor”

Traditionally red velvet cakes are red-layered cakes topped with cream cheese icing. However, Wicked Jack’s Tavern doesn’t always follow traditions. Instead of the cream cheese icing on our Red Velvet Wicked Jack’s Rum Cake, we opted for a delicious Jamaican rum glaze, and our fans love it. Don’t take our word for it. Check out what people are saying about our red velvet rum cake.

“I ordered this cake because I love red velvet cake. The cake arrived a day before schedule. GREAT!! and it was well packaged. When i opened the cake I could smell the rum. The cake itself was very moist and soft. Wonderful texture. The rum taste was not too overpowering. I really enjoyed this cake and will try it again after I have tried other flavors from this company.” – Joy

“I had never picked up this brand of rum cake before- I had always used Tortuga. What a difference! Super moist- tons of flavor and yes it has that wonderful rum cake taste like it is supposed to have. I had purchased this and a chocolate rum cake from Tortuga for Christmas with my family. Side by side- I couldn’t believe how dry Tortuga’s was compared to this- and just no taste comparison. Will definitely buy from again.” – satava “private”

What is your favorite of the Wicked Jack’s rum cakes?

Wicked Jack’s Tavern now offers SingleCups

Finally, Wicked Jack’s Tavern brings you the perfect cup of coffee in a convenient and easy single serve pack. Now you can enjoy your favorite Wicked Jack’s coffee flavors with out all of the hassle of making a full put of coffee. View our catalogue for a full listing of flavors that are offered.

Wicked Jack Coffee *SingleCup

The Wicked Jack’s Tavern SingleCups work with most any Keurig® K-Cup® coffee makers.


Make Mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day!

We want to help you spoil your mom this Mother’s Day! Wicked Jack’s Tavern and Aroma Ridge have put together this unique Mother’s Day Gift Box that includes 2lbs Coffee- Mama’s Roast and White Chocolate Caramel Crunch, Wicked Jack’s 4oz Cake, Hot teas and Chocolates. You can also add a special message by personalizing your gift.


And don’t forget, you get $10 off when you purchase $50 or more between now and May 8. Just use the promo code: mom2014 when you order.

Promo code: mom2014

Wicked Jack’s Tavern Mother’s Day special

We know you love to spoil your mom on Mother’s Day, that’s why Wicked Jack’s Tavern is offering a Mother’s Day special. Use the promo code: mom2014 to receive $10 off when you purchase $50 or more.

Promo code: mom2014