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A Wicked-Spiced Butter Rum

Like a hot toddy, this old-world drink is typically a mixture of liquor and water, with honey and spices, served hot. Here’s a wicked recipe for butter rum:

Spiced Buttered Rum

Dry ingredients:
1 teaspoon light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon finely minced lemon rind
3 pinches of cinnamon
1 pinch of ground cloves
1 pinch of nutmeg

Wet ingredients:
Boiling water
1 jigger golden rum
1 generous teaspoon unsalted butter

Place the dry ingredients into the bottom of a mug. Pour in the rum, then fill with boiling water. Finally, drop in the butter.

Smile, and Do Something Nice!

This week and next week, we celebrate two very happy occasions: World Smile Day (Oct. 2) and National Do Something Nice Day (Oct. 5)! That makes this the perfect opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s day.

smile day

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The Best Coffee and Dessert Pairings for National Coffee Day

September is “Better Breakfast Month” and Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day. To celebrate, Aroma Ridge and Wicked Jack’s Tavern are offering some delicious pairings of fresh-roasted, flavored coffees and Jamaican rum-soaked cakes to make each sip and bite the best combination.

Coffee and Cake Pairings

The moist, buttery vanilla of our Butter Rum cake is a great base for a very flavorful coffee, like BananaNut Rum coffee (made with market-fresh sweet bananas in a cinnamon caramel sauce, drizzled with a butter rum glaze).

The sweet flavor of homemade caramel in our Caramel Rum cake pairs perfectly with Chocolate Creme Brule coffee (a rich, chocolate cream with a caramelized sugar coating) or Chocolate Irish Cream coffee (the finest flavors of Irish Cream topped with chocolate).

For chocolate lovers, the rich Chocolate Rum cake, made with milk chocolate chips, is best paired with vanilla or, for a great combination, try Raspberry White Chocolate coffee (the sweet taste of ripened raspberries dipped in white chocolate).

Replacing the cream cheese frosting with a Jamaican rum glaze, our Red Velvet cake goes best with a nutty-flavor, like hazelnut, toffee, coconut or Mocha Almond Fudge coffee (with intense chocolate fudge and bits of freshly toasted almonds).

It’s a Day of Jubilation. It’s National Cherries Jubilee Day.

Somewhere between 1887 and 1897, a brilliant chef by the name of Auguste Escoffier prepared a very special dish for one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations. It consisted of cherries mixed with liqueur, which was then flambéed and served over vanilla ice cream. On that day, the delicious dish was born—Cherries Jubilee.

In honor of National Cherries Jubilee Day, check out this easy recipe!

Cherries Jubilee


2 (15-ounce) cans of whole Bing cherries in juice (Drain juice and reserve.)
1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon cornstarch

1/4 cup kirsch or cognac, warmed

2 pints vanilla ice cream

1 Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake


In a small dish, combine a little cherry juice with sugar and cornstarch. In a skillet, heat juice from cherries over moderate heat. Add cornstarch/sugar mixture. When juice thickens, add cherries to warm through. Pour in warmed liqueur. Then, flame the pan to burn off alcohol. Remove cherries jubilee from heat.


Place a slice of Wicked Jack’s Tavern Butter Rum Cake at the bottom of a dish. Add two scoops of chocolate ice cream. Pour cherries jubilee over the entire dessert!

Arrr! Tomorrow be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy! ‘Tis almost a band ‘o pirates’ favorite day!

Tomorrow is the perfect excuse to talk like a pirate, as much as you want! In case your pirate vocabulary is limited to “ahoy” and “arrr,” let Wicked Jack’s Tavern introduce you to some common pirate-speak, with translations.

Talk like a pirate day

Avast! — Hey! (Can also be used as “Who goes there!”)

Belay — “Stop that.” Telling someone to “Belay that talk!” would mean “Shut up!”

Davy Jones’ Locker — The bottom of the sea.

Gangway! — “Get out of my way!”

Jolly Roger —The traditional skull and crossbones pirate flag.

Maroon — To strand someone, often on a deserted island with few supplies.

And finally, Rum — Do we really need to translate this one? A pirate’s favorite drink, and one that tastes fantastic in cake form.


Visit this pirate dictionary by Tidemark for more, Me Hearties!

Prepare for National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

From one sweet tooth to another, we’d like to wish you a very scrumptious National Chocolate Milkshake Day! To celebrate this delectable day, check out this Homemade Chocolate Milkshake recipe from Instructables.

Chocolate Milkshake Day

Here’s what to do:

  1. Remove the lid from the blender.
  2. Spoon five full-sized scoops of chocolate ice cream into the blender.
  3. Pour 1 1/2 cups of milk into the blender. (Use only 1 cup for a thicker consistency.)
  4. Place the lid securely on the blender and plug in the device.
  5. Press the blend setting and watch the ingredients swirl together for about 45 seconds. (Or until you reach the desired creaminess.)

For some additional fun:

Top with chunks of Wicked Jack’s Tavern chocolate rum cake and whipped cream.

A Pirate’s Life for Me? Job Roles of Privateers for Labor Day!

As we head into Labor Day weekend, the curious staff at Wicked Jack’s Tavern wondered what the labor was like on old pirate ships selling the high seas. To find out what pirating position best suits your skills, check out some of these interesting pirate job descriptions.

Labor Day Pirates


The Captain — Probably one of the coolest jobs, but very little job security. You could be voted in or out of this role by crewmembers at any time. The crew looked to the Captain to be their leader in battle, navigation, and unity.

Quarter Master — Responsible for protecting the interests of the crew, the Quarter Master often rationed food (maybe they would have rationed Wicked Jack’s rum cakes!) and served as the crew’s representative to the Captain. Usually elected immediately after the Captain, the Quarter Master was often seen as second-in-command.

Mate — Typically responsible for hoisting the anchor, checking the tackle once a day, and reporting problems to the ship’s Quarter Master. Mates also took care of anchoring the sails.

Think you might have been a Boatswain, Master Gunner, Powder Monkey or Swab? Read more Roles Aboard Ship and see how many shares of the treasure your role would earn!

Need a care package for a college student? We can help with that!

Is your niece, nephew, grandchild or first-born heading back to college this month? Returning to school after summer vacation can be tough, but Wicked Jack’s Tavern is here to ease the transition!

Want to score brownie (or rum cake) points by being a college student’s favorite uncle or grandpa? Send your deserving age-appropriate scholar a 33-ounce chocolate rum bunt cake—enough to share with friends.

And, our treats are wicked travelers. We seal each delicacy to hold in every ounce of moisture possible. This means our cakes stay fresher, longer, even when traveling hundreds of miles over a few days.

Our cakes are a delicious treat to start off a senior year, or for a graduate student returning to school. But, don’t worry. We have those underclassman covered as well, with Wicked Jack’s Tavern coffee and biscotti.

Going off to College

Wicked Spiced Ice Tea

Wicked Jack’s rum cakes are so moist, you might think it’s not necessary to accompany one with a satisfying drink. However, indulging in a refreshing rum cocktail (with a slice of any Wicked Jack’s rum cake) will make dessert time a real treat!

Try pairing Ol’ Gran’s Home-style Caramel Cake with our delicious Wicked Spiced Ice Tea recipe.

Spiked Ice Tea


2 oz dark Jamaican rum
6 oz ice tea
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch of nutmeg



Pour 2 oz. of dark rum into a large glass. Add 6 oz. of ice tea. If the drink is too strong, add ice to make it on the rocks.



Kick Back and Relax with Rum Cake on National Lazy Day!

You are probably not shocked to learn that the origin and founder of National Lazy Day has not been found. Yet, National Lazy Day is still quietly and calmly celebrated each year on August 10.

Because it should be the laziest of lazy days, Wicked Jack’s Tavern offers a list for making the most (or the least) out of every moment.

1. Open one of the three flavors in a Wicked Jack’s Tavern Plunder variety pack.

2. Place a 4-ounce rum cake on a single plate with a single fork.

3. Relax on lounge chair or hammock in a shady place.

4. Repeat all day long.

National Lazy Day