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Mark Your Calendar for the Best Rum Festival

It’s nearing one of our favorite times of the year. That’s right, the 7th Annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival is quickly approaching—April 17-19!


Mark your calendar for the world’s largest gathering of rum producers, experts and enthusiasts. Stop by our booth to taste some delicious rum-soaked cakes. Try our red velvet, butter rum, butter rum raisin, caramel and chocolate cakes.

While you patiently wait for this year’s festival, check out this video from last year.

Celebrate National Chocolate Caramel Day With Wicked Jack’s

Today is the best day of the year to eat all of the chocolate and caramel you want—guilt free. It’s National Chocolate Caramel Day! Satisfy your sweet tooth with Wicked Jack’s Tavern Caramel Rum Cake, covered in a delicious chocolate glaze.

Caramel RUm Cake

Whether you are sharing or keeping this treasure for yourself, we have the perfect size for you! Caramel Rum Cake is now available in three different sizes. Get all your favorite flavors in one bite. Order today!

The Perfect Green Rum Concoctions for St. Patrick’s Day

According to Irish folklore, and online sources like IrishCentral, the amount of Guinness sold goes from 5.5 million pints daily to 13 million pints on St. Patrick’s Day. And that is only a fraction of the beer, some dyed green, that reached $245 million in sales on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012. But, here at Wicked Jack’s Tavern, we prefer rum to green ale.

st. Paddy

Luckily, has us covered for all our festive drink needs. They’ve collected delicious green rum recipes that are sure to keep us jigging. Try a Tropical Leprechaun, a Frosty O’Malley or a St. Patrick’s Punch this holiday! Pair your green drink with a delicious slice of Wicked Jack’s Tavern rum cake and you’re ready to celebrate!

Be Happy and Healthy During American Chocolate Week!

Could your sweet tooth really be your body’s way of saying to treat yourself to something decadent…and healthy? Besides antioxidants, there are three more chemicals in chocolate that scientifically are linked to increased alertness, happiness, laughter and love!


According to, “A recent study in the Netherlands showed that eating the equivalent of one-third of a chocolate bar every day could lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of death by up to 50%.”

All you chocolate lovers out there won’t be able to resist our Chocolate Rum cake —a rich, deep chocolate cake made with milk chocolate chips and soaked in the finest Jamaican rum. Order today and have your chocolate sweet treat arrive in time to celebrate American Chocolate Week (March 15 – 21).

Enjoy This Sweet Special

Love a good deal? Order your Wicked Jack’s Tavern Rum Cake from Aroma Ridge today and take advantage of their limited-time offer for free domestic ground shipping on any order $59 or more. Use promo code freeshipping02 at check out.

Be sure to order now, as this offer will not last forever!




Great Minds Think Alike…on National Kahlua Day

Today is a day both coffee and rum lovers can toast to—National Kahlua Day. Touted as a coffee-flavored rum-based liquor, aficionados suggest adding Kahlua to ice cream or hot chocolate.

Personally, we feel Wicked Jack’s Tavern saves you the trouble by offering rum-soaked bunt cakes and roasted coffee. But if you plan to indulge for National Kahlua Day, a White Russian, Espresso Martini or Caribbean Mudslide all pair nicely with our Caramel Jamaican Rum Cake.


When the Cake is Rum-Soaked…It Feels Good to be King

We aren’t sure if it is because Wicked Jack’s Tavern is based in the southeast or because we love any excuse to celebrate with cake….No matter the reason, we wanted to wish everyone a festive Mardi Gras!

Every Fat Tuesday, one dessert (overly decorated for Carnival) gets all the attention. A traditional King Cake is often made of dry, flaky, braided dough—shaped in a hollow circle.

king cake

This year, start the party off right with a Wicked Jack’s Tavern Jamaican Butter Rum Raisin Cake. Use this moist, spiced bunt cake as the basis for your King Cake. Just melt icing on top and add sugar sprinkles—colored in green, purple and gold.

Don’t forget to tuck a small baby figurine inside. The person whose piece contains the baby, or other small trinket representing luck and prosperity, is King (or Queen) for the day and is responsible for throwing next year’s Mardi Gras party…or at least providing the cake!

A Box of Chocolates vs. Rum-Soaked Cake and Coffee

Searching for something a bit more unique and delectable than a heart-shaped box filled with hard, stale chocolates? Don’t make your loved one use a decoder chart to hunt and pick for their favorite flavor.

Buy a fresh, moist, flavorful, rum-soaked bunt cake for your special Valentine. Order online and choose between indulgent flavors like Caramel, Chocolate and Red Velvet.


VDay Chocolate


Is your Valentine on a special diet or not a gourmet-dessert lover? Try our gluten-free variety of the traditional Butter Rum cake or a package of Wicked Jack’s Ol’ Gran Butter Rum or Pirates Blend ground coffee.

Leave Rum-Soaked Cake in the Mailbox to Lighten the Load

At Wicked Jack’s Tavern, when know the safe arrival of our fresh cakes to your home or business is due to the strong backs and delicate hands of every parcel delivery man and woman. So, in honor of National Thank a Mailman Day, we encourage all of our customers to leave a small package in your mailbox, perhaps a mini 4-ounce bunt cake, marked, “To our wonderful postal carrier. No special delivery needed.”


Rain, snow, sleet, hail….and other delivery obstacles:


The coldest: North Slope of Alaska: Barrow and Wainwright

The wettest: Mt. Waialeale, near the Kapaa Post Office in Hawaii

The hottest and driest: Death Valley, California.


The longest rural delivery route is Route 081 in Mangum, Oklahoma. The carrier travels 187.6 miles daily and delivers to 240 boxes.

The longest Main Street in America is in Island Park, Idaho. It’s 33 miles long.


The Postal Service moves mail using planes, trains, trucks, cars, boats, ferries, helicopters, subways, float planes, hovercraft, mules, bicycles and feet. This includes dock-to-dock delivery on the Magnolia River in Alabama. A 15-foot contract mail boat delivers to 176 dock-side mailboxes on a 31-mile stretch of the river.


Source: Fun facts; The United States Postal Service

Eating Rum Cake (As Told by Jack Sparrow)

rumDiving into the chewy, rich goodness of a Wicked Jack’s Rum Cake isn’t something you easily forget. It’s such an experience, that we’re not quite sure how to describe it to someone who’s never had rum cake.

So, we decided to let Captain Jack Sparrow, the most notorious rum lover, describe it in his own unique style.

Realizing you have rum cake in the fridge.

Smelling the cake when you open the fridge…

…and again when you open the box.

Taking that first bite.

Taking the last bite.

When your friends realize you’ve eaten their rum cake.

When you realize there is no more rum, and you are now alone.