We’re so excited for the holidays to start rolling in! We hope you are just as excited to celebrate with us as we have a lot of events and festivals Wicked Jack’s Tavern will be attending in the next few months!

Wicked Jack’s Tavern is thrilled to announce the arrival of two BRAND NEW delicious products!

The holiday season is here, and that means curling up by the fire with a hot beverage and chocolate. Introducing our new Chocolate Chip Rum Cake! Our taste-testers both rated it with two thumbs up, and remarked that it turned their boring Wednesday into a delightful one.

But that’s not all! While Wicked Jack’s Tavern is best know for our delectable rum cakes, we’ve also developed one of the best sauces on the block! Shown below is our new Wicked Jack’s BBQ Sauce, available in both Hot & Spicy and Sweet Hickory flavors! These will be perfect for any type of barbecue you partake in.

Both of these brand new products are now available at AromaRidge.com!

Searching for something a bit more unique and delectable than a heart-shaped box filled with hard, stale chocolates? Don’t make your loved one use a decoder chart to hunt and pick for their favorite flavor.

Buy a fresh, moist, flavorful, rum-soaked bunt cake for your special Valentine. Order online and choose between indulgent flavors like Caramel, Chocolate and Red Velvet.

Is your Valentine on a special diet or not a gourmet-dessert lover? Try our gluten-free variety of the traditional Butter Rum cake or a package of Wicked Jack’s Ol’ Gran Butter Rum or Pirates Blend ground coffee.

We aren’t sure if it is because Wicked Jack’s Tavern is based in the southeast or because we love any excuse to celebrate with cake….No matter the reason, we wanted to wish everyone a festive Mardi Gras!

Every Fat Tuesday, one dessert (overly decorated for Carnival) gets all the attention. A traditional King Cake is often made of dry, flaky, braided dough—shaped in a hollow circle. 

This year, start the party off right with a Wicked Jack’s Tavern Jamaican Butter Rum Raisin Cake. Use this moist, spiced bunt cake as the basis for your King Cake. Just melt icing on top and add sugar sprinkles—colored in green, purple and gold.

Don’t forget to tuck a small baby figurine inside. The person whose piece contains the baby, or other small trinket representing luck and prosperity, is King (or Queen) for the day and is responsible for throwing next year’s Mardi Gras party…or at least providing the cake!

This January New Year’s Resolutions are fresh in our minds. And it seems the most popular resolutions are health related—whether it’s going to the gym more often or simply eating better.

At Wicked Jack’s Tavern, we know sticking to a healthy regime is really difficult when there are so many mouth-watering temptations. To avoid starting 2016 leaving your resolutions in the dust, we are here to help you to achieve that healthy goal.

Who ever said eating smart and eating happy couldn’t be the same thing? If your New Year’s Resolution is to go gluten free, then enjoy our award-winning Gluten-Free Butter Rum Cake! This rum cake features all the delicious and fulfilling tastes you’ve come to love in a True Jamaican Rum Cake—with none of the gluten.

Our Gluten-Free Butter Rum Cake and many other Wicked Jack’s products are available in both the Aroma Ridge web store.